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Company Profile - Logitech / LifeSize & Videoconferencing
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Well known for introducing high definition (HD) video resolution to the videoconferencing space, LifeSize Communications began life in early 2003 as KMV Technologies. Now, eight years later, LifeSize is a division of consumer product vendor Logitech, offers a wide range of video endpoints and infrastructure products, and recently launched a videoconferencing service.

This company profile provides information and insight into LifeSize's involvement and activities within the enterprise videoconferencing space.

Whether you're a videoconferencing end-user interested in understanding the happenings at LifeSize, a service provider trying to define a business model around the company's offerings, a channel partner seeking to understand the opportunities that LifeSize brings to the video space, or a vendor seeking to understand your competition, this company profile is a must read.

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