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Evaluation: Invisosoft's Live Communicator Suite
Wainhouse Research - Ira M. Weinstein / David S. Maldow

In Q2 2011, Wainhouse Research (WR) conducted a third-party evaluation of Invisosoft’s Live Communicator Suite, a desktop video conferencing / collaboration solution. The evaluation focused on the following aspects of the Live Communicator Suite:
  • Ease of installation / deployment / activation
  • User interface
  • Ease of use / usability
  • Call initiation
  • Audio performance
  • Video performance
  • Data conferencing performance / capabilities
  • Multipoint performance
  • Overall user experience
To facilitate the evaluation, WR was issued ten (10) Live Communicator Suite user accounts on Invisosoft’s hosted (SaaS) offering.

Overall, WR was pleased by the performance and functionality of the Live Communicator Suite. Specifically, we appreciated the solid videoconferencing experience, the strong collaboration toolset, the advanced group / file management and permissioning system, and the availability of advanced conferencing features (e.g. private audio conversations during multipoint meetings).

This study, sponsored by Invisosoft, provides detailed information about the Live Communicator Suite offering and the results of this evaluation.

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